Your ability to succeed in TOEFL iBT writing is based on your preparation. Therefore, to organize, you need to practice making written responses to sample iBT independent writing tasks and then have another person, preferably a TOEFL iBT writing specialist, evaluate your essay based on the official TOEFL iBT rubrics that Educational Testing Service (ETS) uses to judge your essay. Presented in the official ETS guidelines for that independent writing task from the TOEFL iBT, the next four questions regarding your essay ought to be clarified by whoever you decide to evaluate your essay:

1. Did I answer every part from the question?

Since most of the TOEFL iBT questions are multi-tasked, you need to get feedback whether or otherwise you’ve clarified every part from the writing assignment.

2. Is my essay well-organized?

Within this situation, the reviewer of the essay should look at your thesis statement and subject sentences in your body sentences to make certain they directly answer the issue being requested. There must be sufficient utilization of transition words and other kinds of signal words that demonstrate the way your ideas are connected. Your reviewer should pay particular focus on the important thing junctures of the paper which may be especially difficult: finish from the first paragraph, beginning and finish of every paragraph, and concluding paragraph.There must be a powerful feeling of unity in most these key junctures.

3. Will I provide sufficient supporting detail for that generalizations I personally use within my essay?

To judge this, your reviewer should determine that you’re using specific, even friendly, details in your body sentences which are highly relevant to the subject statements of individuals sentences. It’s also vital that you evaluate set up details show a advancement of ideas. The reviewer should look for word cues such as for instance, for example, and situation in point, all that you can use introducing supporting points.

4. Will I write with grammatical fluency, with simply minor grammatical or word choice errors that don’t obscure meaning?

The reviewer, ideally a local-British speaker acquainted with the word what of educational writing, should bear in mind that it is not only vital that you be grammatically correct, but it is crucial that you utilize a mix of simple, compound, and sophisticated sentence structures, therefore displaying what ETS calls syntactic variety. Another sticky issue to think about is the idiomaticity of language use. Quite simply, how natural sounding are you currently? Would a local speaker use similar grammar and vocabulary to convey comparable ideas? Will it seem as if you are converting from another language? Compare the next sentences:

Abnormal: The number of years have you got?

Natural: What age are you currently?

Despite the fact that both sentences are grammatically correct, “What age are you currently?” is much more natural sounding.

If you’re able to prosper during these four areas when taking your practice tests, you’ve got a good possibility of scoring greater than 24/30 points around the independent writing task whenever you go ahead and take actual TOEFL iBT exam.

Best of luck!

Michael Buckhoff may be the founder, instructor, and materials author for that 7 Step System to pass through the TOEFL iBT, Composition and Linguistics Professor, TOEFL Speaking and Writing Specialist, ESL Master Instructor, and site and Testing Coordinator for California Condition College, San Bernardino. A CSUSB professor since 1994, Michael Buckhoff ( continues to be helping students pass the TOEFL exam.

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