How to get an employer to hire you when you are looking for a job and willingly apply for h1b for you is a skill. They may feel that applying for h1b for employees in the event of continued h1b policy will delay a lot of time and bear the risk of being rejected after submitting an application. It is not that difficult to explain the application of h1b to the employer at this time.

Although many companies do not provide h1b visa (also known as h1b签证) applications to employees, this does not mean that these employers must not provide them. In most cases, the employer does not know how to apply for h1b for employees. It is a troublesome thing. At this time, as a job seeker, it is necessary to know the requirements and procedures of the h1b application in advance, and introduce it to the employer in detail, which will help persuade the employer to apply for h1b for himself. The H1b application is actually a lot of trouble to the employer. There is no need to go to the employer to prepare the materials. Even the lawyer’s fees do not necessarily have to be paid by the employer. In most cases, because h1b lawyer fees (also known as h1b律师费) are not very high, many people will entrust h1b lawyers, only employers need to provide some basic information and documents, immigration lawyers can prepare the whole set of documents, only the employer must sign. You need to make employers feel that this is not a complicated and cumbersome process, and employers are more willing to apply for you.

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These preparations are all done, and it is not difficult for the employer to agree to apply for h1b for you!